Gift Ideas for Pampering the Expectant Mom

BSKTS1_LRG_2__83504.1360006897.1280.1280Baby showers are typically thrown to provide expectant mothers with the items they need to provide for their new baby. However, in some cases, the focus of the shower is best placed squarely on the mom herself. For instance, if you are throwing a sprinkle shower for a mom who already has children, she may already have most of the supplies she needs. In other cases, the mom may be the recipient of more than one shower, or have already stocked up on most of the essential items. In these cases, a growing trend is to throw a shower intended to pamper the mom herself. There are numerous gift ideas for these types of parties, but following are a few of the most popular.


Most expectant moms are sore and uncomfortable at least some of the time. And, after the baby is born, that mama will need time to relax and unwind even more than she does now. As a result, gift cards for massages, and other pampering events like manicures and pedicures, can be essential in helping the mom to feel relaxed, healthy, and cared for. If she can steal away for an hour to have tense muscles relaxed, or feel more elegant because her nails are done even though there is spit up in her hair, she will be better equipped to handle the ups and downs of motherhood.

Date Nights

Another thing in short supply for new mothers is time alone with her husband or significant other. Money is usually tighter, and it can be difficult to find a sitter for a small baby. As a result, providing her with the opportunity to get away with her partner for an evening or two can make a great pampering shower gift. Guests can provide gift cards to restaurants, offer babysitting services, or provide the expectant mom and her partner the opportunity to pursue one of their joint interests together.

Pregnancy Luxuries

Finally, you can provide gifts for the expectant mom to help ease the last few weeks or months of her pregnancy. For instance, pregnancy pillows can help her to sleep better as her belly grows. Epsom salts can help her to soak her sore feet at the end of the day. Scented candles, housecleaning, and other gifts can help to alleviate the discomforts and difficulties that can accompany the last trimester of pregnancy.

Pampering the expectant mom at the baby shower can be an effective way to communicate your love and support for her. There are many gifts you can purchase for the mom herself. Something celebratory, like these gift baskets, or other gifts like massages and pregnancy pillows, can help your friend or family member feel loved and cared for.



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