3 Tips for Throwing a Sprinkle Shower

Diaper Cake HerBabyShower.com baby shower ideasBaby showers are traditionally thrown for first-time mothers. They are designed to provide these mothers with many of the items they do not yet have. However, mothers who are expecting their second, third, or fourth babies may enjoy a shower as well. Even though they already have many of the items they need to care for a new baby, they can still benefit from certain items. More importantly, they can benefit from the love and joy that comes with celebrating a new life. The following tips can help make a sprinkle shower fun, and appropriate, for the expectant mother.

Keep the Guest List Small

Baby shower guest lists can run pretty large. Some of the fancier parties can have more than 100 attendees. Sprinkle showers, on the other hand, are more causal events and should therefore occur on a smaller scale. A good rule of thumb is to make the guest list about half the size of the one at the expectant mother’s first party. If, for instance, she had 25 people at her first shower, invite 12 to the sprinkle. Keep the guest list limited to intimate friends and family who will most enjoy celebrating the new pregnancy.

Keep Gifts Simple

While baby showers are opportunities to give the expectant mother important items like strollers, bouncy seats, swings, and fancy clothes, sprinkles should focus on simpler gifts. Mothers expecting again usually have most of the more expensive items, and, if they are having a baby of the same gender, will usually have plenty of clothes. Instead, ask guests to bring baby supplies that are practical and quickly used up. Good ideas are diaper cream, diapers, and baby wipes. Consider, for instance, diaper cakes that make a beautiful but exceedingly useful gift for any mother of small children.

Keep Food Simple

Third, when throwing a sprinkle, it is important to keep the refreshments simple as well. For instance, provide a smaller cake with basic decorations. Instead of offering a full-course meal, provide a dessert buffet. Hold the party in the afternoon so you can offer finger food or appetizers instead of a sit-down meal. The key is to provide food in keeping with the smaller, more casual atmosphere of the party as a whole.

Sprinkle showers can be a good way to remind an expectant mother of your love and support of her during a second, third, or more pregnancy. These smaller, more casual, events do require a few considerations as you plan them. Using the tips above can help you to throw an effective, fun, and entirely appropriate shower for a friend or family member.



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