4 Ideas for Baby Shower Gender Reveals

Baby Shower games count the pacifiers

Count the Pacifiers

One of the most popular trends in baby showers today is the gender reveal baby shower. This party is focused not just on giving the expectant mommy items for the first few weeks after the baby is born but also on revealing the gender of the coming baby. These parties can be used to surprise both the parents and the guests or just the guests. These parties are usually focused on one big moment in which the gender is revealed in some creative and fun way. There are many options from which to choose for how to reveal the gender. Following are a few of the most classic and popular methods.

Cake or Cupcakes

One of the most classic ways to let your guests know the gender of the coming baby is to provide a cake or cupcakes with blue or pink inside. These cakes should be neutral on the outside, decorated with yellow, brown, white, or other colors that will not give away the secret. Inside, the cake or cupcakes should consist of pink or blue cake or frosting. At the right moment, guests bite into their cupcakes or cut into the cake, showing the color inside and letting everyone know the gender of the baby.

Box of Balloons

Another option for revealing the gender is to fill a large box with balloons of either pink or blue. At the right moment, you hand the box to the expectant mom and have her open it to reveal the gender of the baby. This method is particularly fun if you fill the box with helium balloons that will stream out and into the air in a celebratory fashion.

Baby Outfit

Third, you can provide a wrapped, gender-specific baby outfit. At the proper time, you simply present this gift to the expectant mom to open. Once she opens the outfit, she can show it to the guests, revealing the gender of her unborn baby.

Confetti-Filled Balloon

Finally, you can have a balloon filled with pink or blue confetti to announce the gender. The outside of the balloon should be an opaque and neutral color that guests will not be able to see through. At the right time, the expectant mom can break the balloon, showering the room with the confetti, and revealing the gender.

Extra Tip:

Consider providing favors to your guests that match the gender that has just been revealed. For instance, send your guests away with baby bottles filled with pink or blue bath salts.

Regardless of the method you choose, a gender reveal is sure to add a layer of excitement and fun to your next baby shower. When choosing how to reveal the gender, make sure to choose a way that is exciting, fun, and surprising. Then, have fun watching your guests’ faces light up as they find out whether they will be soon be welcoming a girl or a boy.


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