3 Ideas for Making a Memorable Baby Shower Cake

EB2202_large1__62291.1366741290.220.220Almost every baby shower features a cake. This highlight of the dessert tray offers congratulations for the expectant mother and adds a decorative touch to the party. Providing a beautiful, memorable cake will add just the personal, beautiful aspect you want to define your entire baby shower. While there are numerous cake options for your shower, there are a few ideas that work particularly well. Following are three options you should consider for your next baby shower cake.

Baby-Themed Shapes

One of the cutest ways to create a memorable cake for your baby shower is to provide a cake that comes in a baby-themed shape. This does not mean that your cake must look like a baby, though it can if you want. Instead, you can create or purchase cakes that are shaped like ducks, baby bottles, flowers, or even strollers. If you are baking the cake yourself, you can purchase cake molds to use to shape the batter the way you want. If you are purchasing the cake, you can ask for it to come in a variety of shapes from the supplier. Just ask them which options they have available for you.


An increasingly popular way to deal with cake, and favors, at baby showers is to provide cupcakes. Cupcakes provide easy, individualized servings, and can be arranged in a number of cute and appealing ways. In addition, they can be easier to make than regular cake. You can make your own or purchase specially decorated cupcakes from gourmet cupcake providers. You can also provide cupcakes as favors. For instance, herbabyshower.com offers cupcake boxes, pedestals, and other cupcake-related elements for sending delicious cupcakes home with your guests.

Baby-Themed Toppers

Finally, you can provide cake at your baby shower that comes with baby-themed toppers. For instance, you can add ducks to the top of a yellow-frosted cake, or add letters to write the word “baby” or other baby-related word at the top of the cake. Other topper options include teddy bears, tiny presents, or anything else appropriate for a baby shower.

These three options for your baby shower cake are only the tip of the iceberg. You can also use colors, frosting, and other tricks to create unique and beautiful cakes for your baby shower. The goal is to create or purchase a cake that will perfectly fit the overall theme of your shower and the personality of your guest of honor. If the expectant mother has her breath taken away by the cake, then you have done your job.



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