3 Food Ideas for a Baby Shower

LadyORT4_iw_2__79074.1358880378.220.220One of the central aspects of a baby shower is the food. Any guest will look forward to the menu for the shower, and giving guests enough yummy food is essential to making them feel comfortable and welcome at the party. Fortunately, the food can take as much or as little effort as you wish. There are many options for you to consider when choosing the menu for your baby shower. The following 3 are some of the most popular ideas for baby shower menus.

Finger Foods

Finger foods are an easy way to provide food for your shower. Finger foods include sliced fruit, sandwiches and chips, nachos or pizza, or other foods that are easily consumed without the use of utensils. This type of food is convenient for a baby shower, because they cut down on the amount of utensils you need to provide, and because they allow guests to graze and eat while mingling with each other, playing games, or watching the present opening. These types of food work best with a more casual party.


Desserts make a delicious and tempting menu for baby showers. They also provide a wide variety of options for the host. You can focus on elegant desserts like petit fours, provide candy or cookie tables, or make a variety of pies and cakes. Desserts work best for baby showers that take place in the afternoon or later evening, and can be made as elegant or casual as the host desires. Just be sure before going with a dessert menu that your guest of honor does not have gestational diabetes, because then she may not be able to partake of the desserts.


Finally, you can consider having your baby shower catered. Catered food is a more expensive option for feeding your baby shower guests. It is also most appropriate for a more formal and elegant party setting. Catering also works best when you are planning to serve a full meal at the party, and typically requires that guests sit down and eat instead of mingling. Catering, however, also provides you with a more convenient method for providing food and will remove much of the stress of making food from your shoulders.

These three types of menus for a baby shower provide a variety of options from which to choose when planning your party. Each works best in a certain kind of party and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Next time you are planning a shower, consider using one of these menus. Also consider visiting herbabyshower.com for other great baby shower ideas.


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