3 Useful Baby Shower Gift Ideas

One of the highlights of every baby shower is the gift-giving. In fact, baby showers are all about making sure the pregnant mommy has everything she needs to help her get through the first few weeks with her new child. Gift-giving can be hard, though. You want to give gifts that the mom will appreciate and be able to use, but you also want to avoid repeat gifts, or boring gifts, or just plain unusable gifts. After all, a baby only needs so many socks and pacifiers. Fortunately, there are a few classic gift ideas that never grow old, are always useful, and will make just about any mommy happy. The following three ideas are some of the most useful gifts available for baby showers.

DiapersDiaper Cake HerBabyShower.com baby shower ideas

Every baby needs diapers, lots of diapers. In fact, your pregnant mommy will be shocked at the number of diapers her tiny little baby will go through once he or she is born. Diapers can also be expensive. At $30 or more a box, this will be one of the priciest areas of having a new baby. As a result, diapers are an excellent gift idea for baby showers. A creative way to give diapers is through creating one or more diaper cakes. You can purchase these cakes on herbabyshower.com or make your own by wrapping diapers around a cardboard center. Diaper cakes are easy to make or purchase, are beautiful and decorative, and can be made using either cloth or disposable diapers. Giving your guest of honor a diaper cake or two will set her up well to get through the first few weeks of diapering a new baby.


Another item that all babies need is blankets. Warm, fuzzy blankets are essential for cute newborns to weather the cold. Lighter blankets keep them cool but protected in the spring and summer. Most newborns will use as many blankets as they own, so don’t be afraid to get the pregnant mommy stocked up on lots of sets of cozy and cute blankets. You can make fleece blankets by cutting out squares of decorative fleece and snipping and tying the edges to make tassels. You can knit or crochet soft blankets from baby yarn. You can sew quilts that might become family heirlooms later. Or, you can purchase any of the sets of adorable and warm fleece blankets from herbabyshower.com. Whichever avenue you choose, you can be sure that your blankets will provide a warm, cozy, and sweet nest for the coming baby.


As with diapers, babies go through lots of onesies. Spit up and diaper failures can lead to multiple outfit changes every day. Onesies, which cover the baby’s torso and bottom and snap under the diaper, provide an easy, and adorable, uniform for little ones. And, because babies go through so many, they can’t have enough. So, if you are looking for a cute and useful baby shower gift, consider a onesie decorated with cute animals, adorable sayings, or funny thoughts. Your guest of honor will be delighted with each new one she sees.

These three baby shower gift ideas are just a few of many potential options out there. However, if you are short on time, can’t stop by the store to buy a gift from the registry, or are looking for something universally useful, these gifts may be just the thing. You can also check out herbabyshower.com for other great gift ideas.


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