3 Ideas for Snazzy Baby Shower Invitations

Invitations are an essential aspect of throwing a baby shower. Every invitation will have the same basic information: The time, date, place, guest of honor, RSVP information, and any special information such as registry information, and whether guests are

Baby shower thank you notes Her Baby Shower

expected to bring any food. However, besides this basic information, invitations can be as diverse and creative as you wish. Following are a few ideas you should consider for jazzing up the invitations for your next baby shower.

Use Photos

One way to add a personal touch to your invitations is to add photos. The most popular photos to add are pictures of the pregnant mommy. Sweet maternity shots, for instance, can add levels of beauty and intimacy to the invitations. You can also consider adding ultrasound pictures to the invitations, provided you have some available. These pictures make the coming baby even more real to the baby shower guests. Either option can make your invitations entirely unique and extremely appealing to those who receive it.

Incorporate the Shower Theme

Another way to spice up your baby shower invitations is to incorporate your shower theme. For instance, if your shower is based on the theme of ducks, you can purchase or design invitations that include ducks. If it includes booties, balloons, or other symbols, using these in your invitations is not only appropriate, but also recommended. It will also prepare your guests for what to expect once they reach the shower, and they will give your shower a coordinated, unified appearance.

Incorporate the Shower Colors

You can achieve a similar, coordinated effect by including the colors of your baby shower in the invitations. You can use any color combination that you are also using in your shower, or you can choose to use the basic pink or blue if you know the gender of the baby. Using these colors along with the other symbols and themes of your shower will make your invitations appear sophisticated and unified with the rest of your shower.

These three baby shower invitation ideas are just a few of the almost countless options you have when purchasing or designing invitations. The most important thing is to make sure that your invitations are personal and appealing. Once you add photos, theme symbols, or theme colors, you will have invitations that will attract all the guests who receive one. Consider visiting herbabyshower.com for other great invitation options as well.


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