4 Fun Baby Shower Themes

Every baby shower should have a theme. Whether it be simply a color scheme woven throughout, or something more elaborate, themes tie together all the elements of the baby shower. There are an almost limitless number of themes from which to choose when you are throwing a party. Following are four popular and easy themes for a baby shower. Consider using one of them the next time you throw a baby shower.

Baby Shower favors Cake Mod Pink party kitMod Baby Shower

The mod baby shower is characterized by geometric shapes, sharp lines, and sophistication. Common shapes to incorporate into this type of shower to celebrate the birth of your baby are triangles, circles, polka dots, squares, and stripes. Colors you can use to accent the baby colors of yellow, green, pink, or blue are black and white. Make sure that your decorations, cake frosting, and favors possess clean lines and sharp features, instead of the more gentle colors and curves associated with other baby shower themes. You may also incorporate other themes into the mod theme. For instance, HerBabyShower.com offers a mod party package that includes a cupcake theme.

Favorite Color

Another fun theme to incorporate into your baby shower is the favorite color of your guest of honor. This theme is particularly useful if you do not know the gender of the baby and want to incorporate colors other than pink or blue. Whatever your guest of honor’s favorite color is, whether red, green, yellow, or purple, simply use that color throughout the shower. For instance, use red tablecloths, wrap up red M&Ms for favors, and use red icing on the cake. You may want to use toned-down or pastel shades of the chosen color to make it more baby-friendly.


Ducks are a sweet baby shower theme. Because they are yellow, they make a good theme for gender-neutral baby showers. You can incorporate ducks in a variety of ways. For instance, choose duck centerpieces, duck favors, and serve a duck-decorated cake.


Booties make another great theme for a baby shower. Tiny booties scattered throughout will have everyone eagerly imagining the tiny little feet and tiny little person soon to join them. Booties can be included in your shower in similar ways as ducks. Herbabyshower.com offers bootie banners to hang up, as well as bootie favors. You can add booties to the cake, decorate gifts with booties, or find a way to use them as centerpieces. You can use booties in your baby shower regardless of your color scheme, which makes it easy to add them into any baby shower you are throwing.

These four baby shower themes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ideas for your baby shower. Your imagination is the limit as you find creative ways to celebrate your friend or loved one’s new baby. Whatever choice you make, be sure to check out herbabyshower.com for great decorations, favors, and supplies for every baby shower theme.


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