4 Ideas for Fun Party Favors

Baby showers can be the source of especially cute and appealing favors that will leave your guests feeling genuinely appreciated. While there are almost limitless possibilities for baby shower favors, there are a few ideas that are especially popular and appealing. The following four types of party favors will appeal to the majority of people, while providing some of the cutest and most memorable gifts available for baby showers today. Consider using one of them the next time you throw a baby shower.

Baby shower favors edible giftsMuffin and Cookie Mixes

Edible party favors are a popular type of favor, because everyone likes to eat. They typically include sweet foods like candies or honey. However, these types of gifts can sometimes become repetitive or boring. For instance, there are only so many ways you can decorate a jar of M&Ms. One way to jazz up your edible party favors is to give away muffin or cookie mixes. These delicious mixes provide a sweet treat with a creative twist, and allows your guests to think of your baby shower party when they mix up their batch of muffins or cookies.

Bath Soaps

Bath soaps provide an opportunity to give away sweetly shaped favors that will remind your guests about your party long after the party is over. When choosing a bath soap as a baby shower party favor, choose soap that comes in baby-appropriate shapes, like rubber ducks, buttons, or bears. The uniqueness and appeal of the soap will depend upon how it is shaped and decorated. Consider giving away the soaps in small baskets or boxes.

Personalized Favors

Personalized favors create a unique gift out of an otherwise ordinary gift by adding the name, date, and other information regarding the baby shower. There are a wide variety of baby shower gifts that can be personalized. For instance, you can have candies wrapped in personalized wrappers, have a ceramic figurine engraved with information, or have a packet of recipes or cookie mix wrapped in a personalized label.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are an easy way to give your guests the gift of memories. The best way to personalize these frames is to add pictures, either of the guest of honor or other photos that will be special to your guests. For instance, one party favor provides a mini photo album that can be filled with photos of the guest and the guest of honor, or sent out later filled with photos of the party. Whichever picture frame you use, this type of party favor is sure to delight your guests and remind them of your party, and their friends, for many years to come.

These four baby shower party favor ideas are some of the most unique and personal types of party favors available. They allow you to give your guests a way to remember the party, and allow you to give them a gift they will almost certainly use. Choosing the right party favor can go a long way toward making your shower the type of memorable, fun, and celebratory event you are dreaming of.


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