4 Tips for Taking the Pain Out of Baby Shower Thank-You’s

Baby showers are about “showering” the honored guest with love and gifts. If you do your job right, your guest of honor will leave her shower overwhelmed by the generosity of her friends and family, and blessed with as many clothes, diapers, blankets, and pacifiers as she will need to get through the first few weeks, or maybe even months, of motherhood.

Baby shower thank you notes Her Baby ShowerIf you are not careful, though, she may also leave with something less comforting: An overwhelming number of thank-you notes to write. Writing, addressing, and mailing a few dozen notes can seem insurmountable to an emotional and very pregnant lady who longs (and deserves!) to put her feet up at the end of a busy day. Other issues, like going into labor just after the shower, bed rest requirements, or pregnancy complications, may make it impossible for your guest of honor to spend hours hunting down addresses and filling out cards.

Fortunately, you can take the pain out of this daunting task and make the thank-you’s easy for your guest of honor. Following are a few tips that, and if you use them at your next baby shower you will make the note-writing process quick and easy for the mom-to-be.

Eliminate the Need for Thank-You Notes

One of the easiest ways to help your guest of honor avoid the burden of writing and sending lots of thank-you notes, is to remove the need to do so. Simply announce at the beginning of the gift-opening time that the mom-to-be need not send any thank-you notes. Just make sure you have baby shower favors available to thank your guests for coming, and allow the mom-to-be to thank each guest individually as she opens their present.

Make a List of Gifts

If you choose to go the more traditional route, however, there are a few things you can do to make the note-writing process easier for your guest of honor. First, simply have someone available with a pad of paper and a pen while the gift-opening is going on. Have this person make a list of each gift and person who gave it. Once the shower is over, give the list to your guest of honor, so she doesn’t have to worry about remembering who gave her what, or have to send out vague and impersonal thank-you notes. Just make sure the list describes the gifts in detail (for instance, “teddy bear onesies” instead of just “onesies”), to help your guest of honor remember which gift is which.

Provide the Thank-You Notes

You may also make the mom-to-be’s life easier by giving her the thank-you notes she will need to send out. Packs of thank-you notes are inexpensive and readily available. Just buy as many notes as you will have guests at your shower. Then, your guest of honor will be able to sit down, and write her notes without needing to head out to the store. Consider, for instance, these adorable thank-you notes.

Pre-Address the Thank-You Notes

Finally, you can make your guest of honor’s life easier by pre-addressing the thank-you notes. The easiest way to do this is to stand (or designate someone else to stand) by the door with the thank-you note envelopes and some pens in a basket. As each guest arrives, ask them to pull an envelope out and address it to themselves. To make this chore a bit more fun for your guests, consider holding a raffle. Use the addressed envelopes as the raffle entries. Whichever guest has their envelope chosen at the drawing will win a prize.

By taking a few simple steps ahead of time, you can provide your guest of honor with a stack of thank-you notes already addressed, and a tidy list of gifts and gift givers. All she will have to do is sit down, write a quick note to each guest, and stick the notes in the mailbox. And, she’ll be thanking you over and over in her heart while she does so!


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