4 Tips for Choosing Shower Favors to Remember

Baby showers are exciting events, full of happiness, joy, celebration, and fun. Your baby shower will be an event you and your guests will want to remember long after the games are over, the presents unwrapped, and the food devoured. The easiest way to help the guests at your shower do just that is also one of the most popular trends at parties of all kinds: Party favors.

Baby shower favors You are probably familiar with the party favor. This gift thanks guests for attending and serves as a reminder of the reason for the celebration. Unfortunately, party favors are also a bit tricky to pull off. The wrong favor can end up permanently forgotten in a drawer somewhere.

To avoid this problem at your party, you need to choose the right combination of small and memorable, inexpensive, but meaningful. Following are 4 tips to help you create favors your guests will love:

Choose Quality Gifts

Favors are supposed to be small and relatively inexpensive, but they shouldn’t look cheap, break easily, or say “Dollar Store” on the tag. Your favors reflect your gratitude toward your guests. Cheap items tell your guests they aren’t very important to you, and they make your thank-you less meaningful.

Instead, look for small items with lots of quality. For instance, bars of handmade soap, small jars of honey or jam, ceramic figurines, recipes, or cookie mixes are all inexpensive without being cheap. They add an elegant touch to your favors that assure your guests you are genuinely grateful they came.

Choose Useful Gifts

When choosing favors, it is equally important to choose a gift you think your guests will actually use. No one wants something they will throw away or stick in a drawer and forget about. Bubbles, for instance, may seem like a cute idea, but most people will probably not go home and blow bubbles to remember your party.

Instead, make sure your favors are something that your guests can eat, use, or display with pride. For instance, choose a figurine that they can display on a shelf. Give them cute bars of soap that they use as they soak in the tub, or thoughtfully wrapped candy for a sweet snack.

Choose Fun Gifts

Even though you want to choose a useful favor, you also want to choose a fun gift. Avoid favors that are purely practical. Sending all the moms at the party home with tubes of diaper cream, for instance, will probably not communicate fun, or gratitude.

Instead, choose a gift that is as great as your shower was. Choose something pretty, whimsical, or cute that will make your guests smile every time they look at it. For instance, if you choose soap, order soap that comes in fun shapes. If you send home recipes, tie them up in envelopes decorated with ribbons. If you give away figurines, pick ones that are whimsical and cute. Let your guests feel that the gift, like the party, is fun.

Choose Personalized Gifts

Personalized favors, when done right, turn ordinary items into keepsakes for the future. These favors contain the date, the party, and guests of honor, and maybe even another small message or two. With a quick glance, your guests will know where and why they got the gift, and be reminded again of the fun and games they played at your baby shower. Personalized favors are available for many different items. Check out all the fun shower favors you can personalize at herbabyshower.com!

No matter which favor you choose, be sure it will remind your guests of the shower they attended. Choosing quality, meaningful, personalized favors will ensure that your guests feel loved, remember the shower fondly, and look forward to coming back the next time you have a baby shower.


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