Diaper Cakes are Tops on the Baby Shower Ideas List

Diaper Cakes are the hottest new baby shower idea!  They are so versatile, and can be customized in many ways that are only limited by your imagination. Different colors can be used, and cloth diapers can even be dyed to match any theme. The basic diaper cake is so simple to make, all you need are diapers, rubber bands, and dowels.

Diaper cake from wikihow

Diaper cake from wikihow

Take a diaper open end up, then begin to roll it up.  Put a rubber band around the rolled diaper, and this diaper will become the centerpiece of the entire cake, or use 2 or 3 diapers to make a bigger bottom layer securing them with rubber bands. Next roll up more diapers and secure them with rubber bands just as you did the first one.  Then place these diapers around the centerpiece diaper or diapers, and wrap a rubber band around all of them to hold them secure.  Do this again to make another round if you want a cake this big. This will be the lower layer of your diaper cake.

Make the second layer of diapers exactly the same as the first, just don’t use as many so it will be smaller.  That way when it sits on top of the other layer, it will be the smaller layer.  Keep doing this same process of rolling diapers, securing them with rubber bands until you have enough to make the second layer a bit smaller.

Do this again to make your third diaper layer, making it just a little bit smaller than the second layer of diapers, so it will fit nicely on the top of the second layer of your diaper cake.  Use dowels to secure each layer together, pushing them down through all the layers. Cut a piece of cardboard the size of the bottom layer to set the bottom layer on to stabilize the cake.

To finish off your unique diaper cake there are many choices of baby shower ideas to choose from.

Ribbons of any color, shapes and sizes can be used to adorn your diaper cake.  Take 2 different ribbons, put them together then twist them so you can have multi-color bows and decorations.

Use little pacifiers in an assortment of colors, and tie them up with the ribbons.  You can also use strings of feathers in different colors, along with so many other things to decorate your diaper cake.  Remember to put the first letter of your bundle of joy on your creation.

Lollipops sticks, are another great idea.  You can even use little animals to set on and around the layers of the cake, with some peaking out from within the diapers.   You can take out a few diapers from the middle and put baby items in their place, like bottles, lotions, pacifiers, baby clothes, baby shoes, baby blankets, and just about anything you can think of.

To transport your diaper cake, wrap it in a plastic bag, and pull tight with a ribbon to keep it secure. Check out these top baby shower favors you can use to customize, and personalize your diaper cake.  These diaper cakes make great gifts for any baby shower, so decorate your storage bag also with some of these unique baby shower ideas for the next baby shower you attend.

Check out these great pre-made diaper cakes from HerBabyShower.com

Diaper Cake HerBabyShower.com baby shower ideas


One thought on “Diaper Cakes are Tops on the Baby Shower Ideas List

  1. omg…. I cant wait to try this for my upcoming baby shower as soon as we find out what we are having…..we are wanting a boy so bad……if we get our wish we will do ours in camo…..

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