My Very Own Baby Shower (Part II)

Hi, its me again, Hatifa. Our last post about my baby shower was all about the theme (Goodnight, Sleep Tight Baby!), the food (midnight snacks, nighttime feedings, sleep potions, sweet dreams and night caps) and the decorations (baby mobiles, stars and moons galore, tulle cloud puffs –  all tied in with a simple color theme). Its been a long time coming, but I was (finally!!) able to finish up writing about my own baby shower. Here we’ll cover the games, prizes and baby shower party favors! Sorry it took so long, but being a mom has been keeping me quite busy 😉

Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games should be fun, easy to play in groups and most importantly get the guests excited and interacting with each other. Without games, a baby shower might just feel like any old lunch party. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on games to make them fun and personalized.

We started out our afternoon with a simple game that tied in with the theme: “Count the Sheep”. We filled a small plastic jar with sheep animal crackers, tied a ribbon and a tag around it with instructions and passed it around the room. As guests ate appetizers aka “midnight snacks” they tried to guess how many sheep crackers filled the jar. The person who guessed the closest to the number without going over won the prize.

Count The Sheep Baby Shower Game

Use sheep animal crackers to fill up a jar!

The only supplies you need are an empty plastic jar, some ribbon to jazz it up, and a large bucket of animal crackers (the hardest part was digging through and finding the sheep shaped ones to put into our jar).

The second game we played was Baby-themed Taboo (coming soon to our store!). It’s the baby shower version of the classic game where a player tries to get her team members try to guess the word on her card by describing it. She can’t use the word itself or a small list of “taboo” words. The team (we split into groups of three) who got the most guesses right in the allotted time won prizes.

To personalize this game, we printed the taboo cards on lavendar metallic cardstock and printed the back of each card with the mom-to-be’s name and baby shower date. Again, all you need for this game is a pdf file of the cards, a few pieces of cardstock and a printer.

Of course it wouldn’t be a baby shower without some more traditional games. We chose the super simple game “Guess the size of mom-to-be’s tummy”. We passed around a ball of yarn and a pair of scissors to the guests, asking them to cut a length of yarn that would fit mom’s tummy. The person whose piece of yarn fit the mom’s tummy best, won the prize. This game is perfect because it can be played while guests are eating lunch or dessert. You always get laughs when inevitably a guest with no sense of estimation misses the mark by about a foot or two.

Our grand finale was the Baby Jeopardy game (also coming soon to our store!). This was inexpensive but took a little planning. We made a large jeopardy board from oversized poster paper. We used blue metallic paper to make each question-and-answer card in six different categories (baby and goodnight theme related of course). As guests chose different categories, we pulled off the cards from the poster board. Whoever correctly answered the question first, held onto the card with the dollar value. This was an easy way to keep score. At the end guests could count how many points/dollars they earned. Our categories included lullabies, baby animals, parents in the Bible, and Guinness world baby records.

Baby Jeopardy Baby Shower Game

Baby Jeopardy makes a super fun baby shower game!

Baby Shower Game Prizes

We wanted to give prizes that were useful and tied into the theme. For two of the games, we gave out gift baskets full of “Moonlight Path” scented items from Bath and Body Works.

Because Baby Taboo was a team game, we gave out three $5 gift certificates to “Enjoy a Nightcap” at STARbucks to the team that won.

And our grand prize went to the winner of Baby Jeopardy, two tickets to “See the Stars” – movie passes to a local theater.

Baby Shower Favors

To bring the whole goodnight theme together and to give our guests a small token to remember the shower and say thank you for coming, we handed out candles with little sleeping bunnies on them. We tied personalized tags to the candles. Check out these adorable candles in our store now!

Baby Moon Bunny Candles

A super cute bunny napping on a moon amongst the clouds went perfectly with our baby shower theme!

Baby Moon Bunny Candles

These adorable candles are available in both pink and blue bunnies.

That’s about it! I LOVED my baby shower and want to thank my sister-in-law and cousin for hosting! I had a lot of fun at mine, and hope you love yours just as much. If you have any questions, please let me know. I’d love to hear your comments as well. Thanks!


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