The Importance of the Baby Shower

This is a guest post by Lisa Norton.

Many people think of the baby shower as a thoroughly modern concept and something only developed and introduced in the 21st century. Actually, a baby shower is more likely a modernized form of welcoming a new baby into the world, while at the same celebrating the worth and power of the mother who is carrying the child. Baby showers are simply a great excuse for a party! You can devise any kind of theme relating to the interests of the parents to be, or have fun with baby decor and fun trinkets. You can incorporate special food, themed drinks and desserts, and generally turn your baby shower venue into a magical place of fun and happiness. People might think that baby showers are expensive to organize. They don’t have to be. You can easily organize a baby shower on a budget, by finding trinkets and accessories hidden around your home, and creating inexpensive meals and snacks for your guests. You can even find all-in-one party kits at very reasonable prices.

his hassle-free baby shower kit is a custom, comprehensive baby boy party in a box!

Blue Baby Shower Mod Party Kit

Gifts for the Mother

Of course, a central element to your baby shower is the ritual of giving gifts to the mother, both for herself and for her baby. Fathers are always welcome to be involved in the baby shower too, but generally the trend seems to be for a women only affair, and a chance for girlfriends to get together and share their experiences of motherhood. Some people prefer to offer gifts purely for the babies, and some give to the mothers. Other people might combine something such as baby clothes and a trinket for the mother, for example. If you are looking for something a little bit different, and your mother-to-be is a busy office executive or business owner, why not find her the perfect personalized gift that she can use at work?  Or maybe a gourmet gift basket? This is a great idea if you have been invited to a baby shower in the workplace, and you are not especially close to your pregnant colleague on a personal level. You can find a lovely, useful gift at a very reasonable price.

The Confetti Celebration Gourmet Gift Basket is filled up with some of our most popular Belgian Chocolate and Caramel Hand Dipped treats.


Gifts for the Baby

Giving gifts for the baby is still going to be the favored option for guests at a baby shower. There are so many wonderful and unique items to be found and shared. One fairly new concept that lends itself perfectly to the theme of the baby shower is a diaper cake. If you are not familiar with these, a diaper cake is a pile of diapers (usually disposable ones), artfully arranged in tiers to look like a wedding cake. They are then decorated with flowers and ribbons, which can be matched to the color or theme of the baby shower party. There are some beautiful examples to be seen, and you can get lots of ideas of how to create your own unique diaper cake, if you choose to give one as a gift. It makes a beautiful centerpiece for the party table, and the photographs and memories it invokes will last a lifetime. If you enjoy hobby crafts, then a diaper cake might just be the perfect new project for you to try out.

Modern Baby Diaper CakeSafari Baby Diaper Cake

The Meaning of the Baby Shower

Moving on from the gifts, a baby shower is a time for gathering. Throughout history humans have celebrated and recognized important times in their lives, including rites of passage, marriage ceremonies, funeral ceremonies and christenings. The baby shower is a modern concept derived from a historical ritual.  It used to be purely for women, when they would gather together in the pregnant mother’s bedchamber or private rooms, and prepare for the birth of the child. Men were largely excluded, mainly because they had no understanding of pregnancy and childbirth, unless they were medical doctors, and so they would leave the women to their own work. The modern baby shower is far more accepting of male guests, and you can decide for yourself whether you want it to be a women only event, or something for the whole family and friendship circle.

While many people might claim that a baby shower is simply another excuse for commercial interests and forcing people to buy gifts that they don’t really need, there are many more who appreciate the event for its origins. A baby shower does not have to be about spending money. You can find plenty of accessories around the home that can be adapted for decorations, and you can easily put together delicious snacks and drinks that look very effective but don’t cost the earth. In addition, you can always find amazing items on sale or inexpensive items that look super cute, including baby shower gifts, party supplies, or baby shower party favors. As for the actual giving of gifts to the pregnant mother, well that is an individual choice. Nobody expects anything, and we all appreciate that times are tough. You can just as easily make a pretty gift from remnants and trinkets you find at home, and these will be welcomed and treasured by the new parents. Or, you can find very affordable and unique gifts to suit all budgets and personal interests.


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