Gift Ideas for Pampering the Expectant Mom

BSKTS1_LRG_2__83504.1360006897.1280.1280Baby showers are typically thrown to provide expectant mothers with the items they need to provide for their new baby. However, in some cases, the focus of the shower is best placed squarely on the mom herself. For instance, if you are throwing a sprinkle shower for a mom who already has children, she may already have most of the supplies she needs. In other cases, the mom may be the recipient of more than one shower, or have already stocked up on most of the essential items. In these cases, a growing trend is to throw a shower intended to pamper the mom herself. There are numerous gift ideas for these types of parties, but following are a few of the most popular.


Most expectant moms are sore and uncomfortable at least some of the time. And, after the baby is born, that mama will need time to relax and unwind even more than she does now. As a result, gift cards for massages, and other pampering events like manicures and pedicures, can be essential in helping the mom to feel relaxed, healthy, and cared for. If she can steal away for an hour to have tense muscles relaxed, or feel more elegant because her nails are done even though there is spit up in her hair, she will be better equipped to handle the ups and downs of motherhood.

Date Nights

Another thing in short supply for new mothers is time alone with her husband or significant other. Money is usually tighter, and it can be difficult to find a sitter for a small baby. As a result, providing her with the opportunity to get away with her partner for an evening or two can make a great pampering shower gift. Guests can provide gift cards to restaurants, offer babysitting services, or provide the expectant mom and her partner the opportunity to pursue one of their joint interests together.

Pregnancy Luxuries

Finally, you can provide gifts for the expectant mom to help ease the last few weeks or months of her pregnancy. For instance, pregnancy pillows can help her to sleep better as her belly grows. Epsom salts can help her to soak her sore feet at the end of the day. Scented candles, housecleaning, and other gifts can help to alleviate the discomforts and difficulties that can accompany the last trimester of pregnancy.

Pampering the expectant mom at the baby shower can be an effective way to communicate your love and support for her. There are many gifts you can purchase for the mom herself. Something celebratory, like these gift baskets, or other gifts like massages and pregnancy pillows, can help your friend or family member feel loved and cared for.



3 Tips for Throwing a Sprinkle Shower

Diaper Cake baby shower ideasBaby showers are traditionally thrown for first-time mothers. They are designed to provide these mothers with many of the items they do not yet have. However, mothers who are expecting their second, third, or fourth babies may enjoy a shower as well. Even though they already have many of the items they need to care for a new baby, they can still benefit from certain items. More importantly, they can benefit from the love and joy that comes with celebrating a new life. The following tips can help make a sprinkle shower fun, and appropriate, for the expectant mother.

Keep the Guest List Small

Baby shower guest lists can run pretty large. Some of the fancier parties can have more than 100 attendees. Sprinkle showers, on the other hand, are more causal events and should therefore occur on a smaller scale. A good rule of thumb is to make the guest list about half the size of the one at the expectant mother’s first party. If, for instance, she had 25 people at her first shower, invite 12 to the sprinkle. Keep the guest list limited to intimate friends and family who will most enjoy celebrating the new pregnancy.

Keep Gifts Simple

While baby showers are opportunities to give the expectant mother important items like strollers, bouncy seats, swings, and fancy clothes, sprinkles should focus on simpler gifts. Mothers expecting again usually have most of the more expensive items, and, if they are having a baby of the same gender, will usually have plenty of clothes. Instead, ask guests to bring baby supplies that are practical and quickly used up. Good ideas are diaper cream, diapers, and baby wipes. Consider, for instance, diaper cakes that make a beautiful but exceedingly useful gift for any mother of small children.

Keep Food Simple

Third, when throwing a sprinkle, it is important to keep the refreshments simple as well. For instance, provide a smaller cake with basic decorations. Instead of offering a full-course meal, provide a dessert buffet. Hold the party in the afternoon so you can offer finger food or appetizers instead of a sit-down meal. The key is to provide food in keeping with the smaller, more casual atmosphere of the party as a whole.

Sprinkle showers can be a good way to remind an expectant mother of your love and support of her during a second, third, or more pregnancy. These smaller, more casual, events do require a few considerations as you plan them. Using the tips above can help you to throw an effective, fun, and entirely appropriate shower for a friend or family member.


4 Ideas for Baby Shower Gender Reveals

Baby Shower games count the pacifiers

Count the Pacifiers

One of the most popular trends in baby showers today is the gender reveal baby shower. This party is focused not just on giving the expectant mommy items for the first few weeks after the baby is born but also on revealing the gender of the coming baby. These parties can be used to surprise both the parents and the guests or just the guests. These parties are usually focused on one big moment in which the gender is revealed in some creative and fun way. There are many options from which to choose for how to reveal the gender. Following are a few of the most classic and popular methods.

Cake or Cupcakes

One of the most classic ways to let your guests know the gender of the coming baby is to provide a cake or cupcakes with blue or pink inside. These cakes should be neutral on the outside, decorated with yellow, brown, white, or other colors that will not give away the secret. Inside, the cake or cupcakes should consist of pink or blue cake or frosting. At the right moment, guests bite into their cupcakes or cut into the cake, showing the color inside and letting everyone know the gender of the baby.

Box of Balloons

Another option for revealing the gender is to fill a large box with balloons of either pink or blue. At the right moment, you hand the box to the expectant mom and have her open it to reveal the gender of the baby. This method is particularly fun if you fill the box with helium balloons that will stream out and into the air in a celebratory fashion.

Baby Outfit

Third, you can provide a wrapped, gender-specific baby outfit. At the proper time, you simply present this gift to the expectant mom to open. Once she opens the outfit, she can show it to the guests, revealing the gender of her unborn baby.

Confetti-Filled Balloon

Finally, you can have a balloon filled with pink or blue confetti to announce the gender. The outside of the balloon should be an opaque and neutral color that guests will not be able to see through. At the right time, the expectant mom can break the balloon, showering the room with the confetti, and revealing the gender.

Extra Tip:

Consider providing favors to your guests that match the gender that has just been revealed. For instance, send your guests away with baby bottles filled with pink or blue bath salts.

Regardless of the method you choose, a gender reveal is sure to add a layer of excitement and fun to your next baby shower. When choosing how to reveal the gender, make sure to choose a way that is exciting, fun, and surprising. Then, have fun watching your guests’ faces light up as they find out whether they will be soon be welcoming a girl or a boy.

3 Ideas for Making a Memorable Baby Shower Cake

EB2202_large1__62291.1366741290.220.220Almost every baby shower features a cake. This highlight of the dessert tray offers congratulations for the expectant mother and adds a decorative touch to the party. Providing a beautiful, memorable cake will add just the personal, beautiful aspect you want to define your entire baby shower. While there are numerous cake options for your shower, there are a few ideas that work particularly well. Following are three options you should consider for your next baby shower cake.

Baby-Themed Shapes

One of the cutest ways to create a memorable cake for your baby shower is to provide a cake that comes in a baby-themed shape. This does not mean that your cake must look like a baby, though it can if you want. Instead, you can create or purchase cakes that are shaped like ducks, baby bottles, flowers, or even strollers. If you are baking the cake yourself, you can purchase cake molds to use to shape the batter the way you want. If you are purchasing the cake, you can ask for it to come in a variety of shapes from the supplier. Just ask them which options they have available for you.


An increasingly popular way to deal with cake, and favors, at baby showers is to provide cupcakes. Cupcakes provide easy, individualized servings, and can be arranged in a number of cute and appealing ways. In addition, they can be easier to make than regular cake. You can make your own or purchase specially decorated cupcakes from gourmet cupcake providers. You can also provide cupcakes as favors. For instance, offers cupcake boxes, pedestals, and other cupcake-related elements for sending delicious cupcakes home with your guests.

Baby-Themed Toppers

Finally, you can provide cake at your baby shower that comes with baby-themed toppers. For instance, you can add ducks to the top of a yellow-frosted cake, or add letters to write the word “baby” or other baby-related word at the top of the cake. Other topper options include teddy bears, tiny presents, or anything else appropriate for a baby shower.

These three options for your baby shower cake are only the tip of the iceberg. You can also use colors, frosting, and other tricks to create unique and beautiful cakes for your baby shower. The goal is to create or purchase a cake that will perfectly fit the overall theme of your shower and the personality of your guest of honor. If the expectant mother has her breath taken away by the cake, then you have done your job.


3 Food Ideas for a Baby Shower

LadyORT4_iw_2__79074.1358880378.220.220One of the central aspects of a baby shower is the food. Any guest will look forward to the menu for the shower, and giving guests enough yummy food is essential to making them feel comfortable and welcome at the party. Fortunately, the food can take as much or as little effort as you wish. There are many options for you to consider when choosing the menu for your baby shower. The following 3 are some of the most popular ideas for baby shower menus.

Finger Foods

Finger foods are an easy way to provide food for your shower. Finger foods include sliced fruit, sandwiches and chips, nachos or pizza, or other foods that are easily consumed without the use of utensils. This type of food is convenient for a baby shower, because they cut down on the amount of utensils you need to provide, and because they allow guests to graze and eat while mingling with each other, playing games, or watching the present opening. These types of food work best with a more casual party.


Desserts make a delicious and tempting menu for baby showers. They also provide a wide variety of options for the host. You can focus on elegant desserts like petit fours, provide candy or cookie tables, or make a variety of pies and cakes. Desserts work best for baby showers that take place in the afternoon or later evening, and can be made as elegant or casual as the host desires. Just be sure before going with a dessert menu that your guest of honor does not have gestational diabetes, because then she may not be able to partake of the desserts.


Finally, you can consider having your baby shower catered. Catered food is a more expensive option for feeding your baby shower guests. It is also most appropriate for a more formal and elegant party setting. Catering also works best when you are planning to serve a full meal at the party, and typically requires that guests sit down and eat instead of mingling. Catering, however, also provides you with a more convenient method for providing food and will remove much of the stress of making food from your shoulders.

These three types of menus for a baby shower provide a variety of options from which to choose when planning your party. Each works best in a certain kind of party and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Next time you are planning a shower, consider using one of these menus. Also consider visiting for other great baby shower ideas.

3 Reasons to Have a Baby Shower after the Baby is Born

PBTE__21455.1366399170.1280.1280Usually, baby showers are thrown before the baby is born. The guests get to see the pregnant mommy’s cute belly and buy clothes and other items for a yet-unidentified baby. The goal is to allow the pregnant mommy to become prepared with the clothes, diapers, and other items she will need to carry her through the first weeks or months of motherhood. However, sometimes there are good reasons to throw the shower after the baby is born. These “arrival showers” are becoming increasingly common and have a few decided advantages. Consider throwing an arrival shower under the following circumstances:

Difficult Pregnancy

Not every pregnancy goes smoothly. Some pregnancies encounter complications, such as preterm labor, pre-eclampsia, or other problems that can make the pregnancies difficult for the mother and baby. As a result, the mother may be hospitalized, or put on bed rest. The success of the pregnancy may be in question. In serious circumstances such as these, it may be best to wait until after the baby arrives to throw a shower in order to save the mother stress, and allow her to rest and focus on getting through her pregnancy.

Distant Relatives

If the pregnant mommy’s family lives far away, it may be wiser to throw an arrival party instead of a baby shower before the baby comes. Doing so will help alleviate the relatives of the obligation of paying to travel a long distance twice. Instead, they will only need to pay once to travel out to both see their tiny new relative and celebrate his or her arrival.

Casual Atmosphere

Third, throwing an arrival party allows the party to be more casual than a traditional baby shower. For instance, arrival parties do not need as many games and events, because the newborn becomes the focus of everyone’s attention. Arrival parties usually work best as open houses that allow guests to come and go as they please. And, a more casual atmosphere creates a less stress for the parents of the baby. As a result, arrival parties can be easier, simpler, and less expensive to plan than a traditional baby shower.

These three circumstances provide the perfect environments in which to throw an arrival party after the baby is born. These parties can be casual, relaxed, simple, fun, and inexpensive. As a result, if you are facing any of these circumstances when planning a baby shower, you should consider an arrival party. Allowing your guests to meet the baby after his or her birth will also guarantee that your party will be a hit. Check out for any of the supplies you will need to throw a baby shower, either before or after the baby comes.

3 Useful Baby Shower Gift Ideas

One of the highlights of every baby shower is the gift-giving. In fact, baby showers are all about making sure the pregnant mommy has everything she needs to help her get through the first few weeks with her new child. Gift-giving can be hard, though. You want to give gifts that the mom will appreciate and be able to use, but you also want to avoid repeat gifts, or boring gifts, or just plain unusable gifts. After all, a baby only needs so many socks and pacifiers. Fortunately, there are a few classic gift ideas that never grow old, are always useful, and will make just about any mommy happy. The following three ideas are some of the most useful gifts available for baby showers.

DiapersDiaper Cake baby shower ideas

Every baby needs diapers, lots of diapers. In fact, your pregnant mommy will be shocked at the number of diapers her tiny little baby will go through once he or she is born. Diapers can also be expensive. At $30 or more a box, this will be one of the priciest areas of having a new baby. As a result, diapers are an excellent gift idea for baby showers. A creative way to give diapers is through creating one or more diaper cakes. You can purchase these cakes on or make your own by wrapping diapers around a cardboard center. Diaper cakes are easy to make or purchase, are beautiful and decorative, and can be made using either cloth or disposable diapers. Giving your guest of honor a diaper cake or two will set her up well to get through the first few weeks of diapering a new baby.


Another item that all babies need is blankets. Warm, fuzzy blankets are essential for cute newborns to weather the cold. Lighter blankets keep them cool but protected in the spring and summer. Most newborns will use as many blankets as they own, so don’t be afraid to get the pregnant mommy stocked up on lots of sets of cozy and cute blankets. You can make fleece blankets by cutting out squares of decorative fleece and snipping and tying the edges to make tassels. You can knit or crochet soft blankets from baby yarn. You can sew quilts that might become family heirlooms later. Or, you can purchase any of the sets of adorable and warm fleece blankets from Whichever avenue you choose, you can be sure that your blankets will provide a warm, cozy, and sweet nest for the coming baby.


As with diapers, babies go through lots of onesies. Spit up and diaper failures can lead to multiple outfit changes every day. Onesies, which cover the baby’s torso and bottom and snap under the diaper, provide an easy, and adorable, uniform for little ones. And, because babies go through so many, they can’t have enough. So, if you are looking for a cute and useful baby shower gift, consider a onesie decorated with cute animals, adorable sayings, or funny thoughts. Your guest of honor will be delighted with each new one she sees.

These three baby shower gift ideas are just a few of many potential options out there. However, if you are short on time, can’t stop by the store to buy a gift from the registry, or are looking for something universally useful, these gifts may be just the thing. You can also check out for other great gift ideas.